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Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is very important to us and it’s our goal to provide our customers with great service and a pleasant experience. We strive to solve any issues that might arise, to the customer’s satisfaction. We have a multi-lingual customer service team and are able to assist you in English, Japanese, Hebrew, German and Dutch. Please contact us at [email protected] or through this form.



Are your goods authentic? How do you know?

All of our items are 100% authentic. eLADY is a member of the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition, and a pioneering provider of patent-pending anti-counterfeiting solutions for luxury brand goods., under its BRANDCHECK brand. All of our items are inspected carefully by expert authenticators and come with a full, lifetime, money back guarantee regarding authenticity. eLADY is a global leader and a pioneer in anti-counterfeiting and has provided anti-counterfeiting training to hundreds of recycle shops and pawn shops in Japan specializing in pre-owned luxury brand items.

Where do you get your stock?

Our goods come from the local Japanese market.


Are your goods new or pre-owned?

We specialize in pre-owned goods. However, we also have items that are new or in mint condition. Please always check the condition rank on the product page.


What is the condition of the items?

Every item is ranked based on its condition and our inspection team makes great effort to describe the major flaws of the items in both description and photos. Please refer to the condition rank and the condition description of the item on the product page. If the item has noticeable imperfections, these will be described.


Do items come with original packaging and paperwork?

This depends on the item. If the original box, paperwork or other accessories such as dust bags are included, this will be mentioned in the product description under “Accessories” and usually also shown in the photos. If these items are not visible in the photos and aren’t in the description, unfortunately they are not available.


How come you have the same type of bag listed several times, but with different prices?

The prices are based on several factors, for example the condition and the market price at the time the item was obtained, etc.


Some items are more expensive than the new price at the store. How come?

Our goods come from the local Japanese market, and the prices are affected by the difference in market value, rarity, exchange rate etc.


Are the images shown on your website of the actual item for sale?

Yes, the photos are of the actual items for sale. We photograph each item, including its imperfections.


The watch I am interested in is too small. Do you have extra links?

Unfortunately we don't have extra links available. Unless it's mentioned in the description under accessories, the watch will come exactly as shown in the photos.


Do the watches come with a warranty?

Some watches still have a warranty from the manufacturer, but since most of the watches are pre-owned, they may not have a valid warranty or the documents are not available.


Does the watch work properly?

Before listing the watches we make sure that they are in good working condition, but please note that we sell them as is and the watches usually do not come with any warranty. If you have any issues with the watch when you receive it, please refer to our return policy.


It says the watch had been overhauled. What does this mean?

The back of the watch is opened to check the movement, clean and oil it. All of this is done by our specialized experts in brand watch repair shops.


The item I was interested in is sold out. Will you restock it?

Our restocks depend on what's available in the Japanese market. However, we add hundreds of items to our stock every week, so be sure to keep checking the website.


I am looking for a specific item. Do you accept requests?

We specialize in pre-owned goods, and can only buy what is available in the Japanese market. Therefore we cannot supply by specific requests, but we always love to hear which goods our customers are interested in and we do our best match their needs.


Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments by Paypal or credit card. The credit card payment is done through Paypal, but the buyer is not required to have a PayPal account in order to make the payment. 
Due to Paypal Japan restrictions, the maximum amount per transaction is US$9,400. If the total amount of your order is over this amount, we suggest to place separate orders. If you are trying to purchase an item that costs over US$9,400 please contact us with the SKU or link of the item.


What is the time frame for payment?

Please make the payment immediately after adding the items to your cart. Unpaid items will automatically be returned to our stock.


Do you have a layaway plan?

We do not offer layaway or any other payment plan.


How can I know if an item goes on sale?

You can check items we have on sale in the relevant link on the website's top menu. Occasionally we also have campaigns and offer discount coupons. You can receive announcements on sales and those occasional coupons by signing up to our newsletter.


What are the shipping costs to my country?

We offer free express shipping worldwide with EMS, and in case of items with precious metals or stones we offer free shipping with DHL Express or FedEx.


Which shipping method do you use?

We offer free express shipping worldwide with EMS. Please note that in the case of items with precious metals, such as solid gold, palladium, silver or items with diamonds and precious stones, we have to use FedEx or DHL Express instead. Also, in some countries or regions EMS might not be available and in those cases we will also ship with FedEx/DHL Express.


How long will it take to arrive?

The handling time is approximately 1 business day, but please note that items with an SKU starting with "GZ" are usually shipped within 3 to 5 business days. Once dispatched from Japan, it usually takes approximately 3 to 7 days to arrive, but please kindly understand that delay may occur at the customs of your country.


Why do you ask for my telephone number at the check-out?

Since the carriers will not collect parcels without a telephone number for contact during delivery, we require your telephone number for shipment. Your telephone number will not be used for any commercial purposes.


Can you give me a tracking number for my order?

You will receive a shipping notice to your registered email address with the tracking number as soon as it becomes available.


Will I have to pay import duties, customs or taxes?

Please kindly understand that import duties, local tax charges and customs fees are not included in the cost of the items and these additional charges are the buyer's responsibility. The tax charges are often collected by the carrier at the time of delivery and should not be confused for shipping charges.


Do you know how much tax I would have to pay?

We are exporting to over 200 locations and since the rules of customs vary from country to country, we have no way of knowing what the additional charges might be. Please check with your country's customs office to determine whether your package will be charged and what those charges might be.


Can you declare a lower value? Can you declare the item as a gift or a return from repair?

Kindly understand we cannot declare a lower value and the price declared and insured will be the actual sale price. We cannot mark items as a return from repair or gift.


I received an invoice from the carrier. I thought the shipping was free?

Shipping is free on all items. In case you receive an invoice from the carrier, this is most likely an invoice for import duties, customs or tax. Please kindly understand that import duties, taxes and other local charges are not included in the cost of the item and these additional charges are the buyer's responsibility. Please contact the courier for more information. If you still have questions about the invoice, please provide us with a copy of the bill and we will do our best to find out what you are being charged for.


I will visit Japan soon. Is it possible to pick up the item, instead of having it shipped? Do you have a shop where I can look at your items before buying?

eLADY was the first e-commerce company in Japan specializing in luxury brand goods and we have been offering our services since the year 2000. We do not have a physical store or a showroom and our items are stored at a warehouse. However, with advance notice, it might be possible to collect the item at our office in Tokyo. Please contact us with your travel plans and we will be happy to discuss the options.


I’m visiting Japan. Is it possible to have the item shipped to my hotel?

We can ship the item domestically if you provide us with the shipping address. Please note it's the buyer's responsibility to inform the hotel about the expected arrival of the package and make the reception arrangements.


Can I cancel a transaction?

If the item has not been shipped yet, it may be possible to cancel the transaction. Please contact us as soon as possible if you would like to cancel the transaction.


What is your return policy?

We accept returns within 14 days of the date of delivery, no matter what the reason is. Please contact us for the return instructions and return authorization number. Please note that the return shipment is at the cost and responsibility of the buyer. Once the item is returned to us and we confirm that it is in the same condition as it was shipped to you, we will fully refund you.


What if the item I purchased from you turns out not to be authentic?

eLADY is a member of the International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition, and a pioneering provider of patent-pending anti-counterfeiting solutions for luxury brand goods, under its BRANDCHECK brand. All of our items are inspected carefully by expert authenticators and come with a full, lifetime, money back guarantee regarding authenticity. If you have any doubts regarding the authenticity, please provide us with the photos and a description of the points you are unsure about and we will respond to you shortly.


I am interested in selling or trading my bag. Do you buy or trade from individuals?

At the moment we are not purchasing internationally from individuals and we do not do trades.


I have a store and am interested in selling eLADY's goods. Do you have a wholesale option?

We have a wholesale program for bulk orders and we also offer an API dropship program. If you are interested in joining our wholesale program, please contact us with details about your business.


Can you authenticate my bag?

Since our authentication services are currently only available in Japanese, we are unable to authenticate for international customers at this point. However, we plan on making our authentication service available in English in the future.


How can I contact eLADY?

You can contact us at [email protected] or submit a contact form.