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Rank N
New / never used
Rank NS
Never used / display item
Rank S
Used - Mint condition, like new item
Rank SA
Used - Hardly any traces of usage, nice item / refurbished item
Rank A
Used - A few traces of usage, some scratches / dirt can be seen but overall in very good condition
Rank AB
Used - Traces of usage, scratches / dirt can be seen but generally in good condition
Rank B
Used - Traces of usage, damages / dirt can be seen but it is still in acceptable condition for continued usage
Rank BC
Used - Obvious traces of usage, damages / dirt are present
Rank C
Used - Obvious traces of usage, damages / dirt are very noticeable
Rank D
Used - The condition is noticeably bad / flawed item which would be considered junk

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Hermes Carmen Keyring (Pink,Silver)


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Additional Information

When purchasing pre-owned goods, please refer to the photos of the items to check the item's condition, e.g, scratches and dirt, etc.
The condition of the actual item for sale is shown in the photos even when there is no detailed damage location description in text inside the listing.